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CRETE TOUR: KNOSSOS, ARCHANES & WINE TASTING, Half Day, arrive any day (Supplement applies to Sundays and holidays.)
Pick-up and drop-off at Heraklion port

Tour is approx.
5.5 hours long.
Your guide will pick you up for a 5.5 hour private Crete tour. Visit Knossos, capital of the sophisticated, ancient Minoans. Then visit the charming village of Archanes and a nearby vineyard for wine tasting.

This private Crete tour is guaranteed to operate with a minimum of 2 passengers.

You will be met at the port to begin your tour.

First stop Knossos, for a look back 4,000 years to the oldest civilization in Europe. The Minoan Palace of Knossos, center of the Minoan civilization, sparks the imagination with wonder at the sophistication of that period.

From Knossos, drive 10km through rolling countryside dotted with picturesque villages, ancient olive orchards and vineyards to Archanes, the largest town in the area. On the way, we’ll make a photo-stop at Vathypetro, a 16th-century BC Minoan house.

Archanes is a market town nestled in the broad upland east of Mount Juchtas, where the god Zeus has been immortalized in the rocky profile you see etched against the clear blue Cretan skies. It’s a delightful place, with its restored sandstone houses from the Turkish period and shady square. We’ll have a sampling of Cretan food and drink, including local wine.

After having tasted the world famous Cretan cuisine, drive back to Heraklion and your ship.

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This shore excursion is yours to design. If you wish to see or do something that is not covered here, let us know!

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The island of Patmos is where John wrote the Book of Revelation and is a popular Christian pilgrimage site. Visitors can see the Apocalypse Cave where, according to tradition, John received and recorded his visions.

January 1, 2020-December 31, 2021

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