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Ronen Paldi, President

Teri McCulloh, General Manager

Tracy Singer, Operations Manager

Kyna Perry, Communications Manager

Lisa Christensen, Senior Reservations Agent

Sam Pinker, Systems Engineer


Jane Vermeulen
Sales Manager, Western Region

I am a native Californian with a passion to travel the world. I worked with the UNHCR in Hong Kong placing Vietnamese refugees into the US, Canada & Europe. 
Lived in Egypt and have traveled extensively around the world many times! My favorite destinations are the Middle East, Africa and Cuba.  All the destinations that Ya’lla Tours offers.  I have traveled to 95 different countries, always in search of local customs, culture, history and religion. Our world has so much to offer.

Rich Davis
Sales Manager, Midwest Region

I've been with Ya'lla Tours since 1998, and I've never worked for a better tour operator. Our Ya'lla areas of the world are some of the most fascinating, and I know that agents who work with us will achieve higher profits and remarkable client satisfaction.

Steve Miller
Sales Manager, Southern Region

I have a passion for sharing the world with others. World travel exposes people to different cultures, languages, religions and contributes to better understanding and tolerance. Travel professionals spread peace and cultural diversity, contributing to a safer planet. If I had to describe my personal image in two words, I would say that I am an AMBASSADOR OF TRAVEL.

Stan Enden
Sales Manager - NY, NJ, CT, PA

I've been in the Travel industry for 30 years. I have travelled extensively to places like, Africa, Bali, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, South and Central America, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii to mention a few.I know and care about the Travel Agent community and support them every way possible. I believe in customer service; returning the Travel Agent’s e-mail or phone calls in a timely manner makes for a good relationship.

I have been an active member of many Travel Agent groups such as L.I.T.A.A., TANQ, TASC, ACT, RTP and TABS. 

Travel is the key for learning culture and appreciation...

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Some of the columns at Karnak Temple are 33 feet around and 80 feet tall!